Individual Sponsorships: People come in all shapes and sizes—and so do their needs. For just $40/month (or $480 annually), you can provide a Dominican child access to basic health and hygiene needs—plus unique programs tailored to fit each stage of their development, from birth to age 21. This sponsorship will help pay for medical and dental checkups, vitamins and medicine, education, mentorship programs, spiritual development, clean water and so much more. 

Family Sponsorships: Families are the building block of communities—and our work in the Dominican Republic has shown us they need assistance. For just $150/month (or $1,800 annually), you can provide a family access to everything from the basics of health care and water, to family counseling and improved living condition. Uplifting the family creates a ripple effect—setting change into motion for everyone. 

Community Sponsorship: When we come together for others, we can build futures. That’s why Con Gracia focuses many of our humanitarian efforts at the community level. Through education, sanitation, mentorship and more, we can transform a village from the inside out. For just $250/month (or $3,000 annually), you can build a batey’s future.


Yuli Normil

Individual Sponsorship

Age: 17

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Zanifer Abreu Family

Family Size: 3

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