*Clean Water & Sanitation:

The essential need for survival is water but not just water, clean water. With clean drinking water, the overall health of these communities will increase which will prevent waterborne sickness and save thousands of lives. Sanitation starts with clean water. Aleman already having a well would provide opportunities as needs arise to address the sanitation issues among the community. As well as be able to address any preventive maintenance work or repair work on the existing well and motor.

Community & Family:

Offering family and marriage counseling, as well as literacy programs all while using in community labor for all projects.


Education will be a strong component of the program from a young age. We will provide them with the opportunity to attend school, learn English, and hear the gospel as well as being raised in biblical truth.

-English Tutoring

English as a second language will be a new program we will be offering but will be critical in the opportunities that it will open for that individual and their vocation. This program will be offered to all of those in school age, as well as adults.

-Continued Education

Through opportunity of sponsorship and scholarship individuals will have the opportunity to further their education at a local university. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Being second and third generations of the Haitians that came to the Dominican Republic years ago in search of a better life and then ultimately having their paperwork taken away. Leaving the person without any birth certificates, or proof of any legalization to be in the Dominican Republic. We will look to partner with a university in California for consultation and actual work towards replacing or constructing first time birth certificates,


This program will cover the cost of local medical facilities for basic medical check-ups and medicines. The yearly team of doctors and staff will continue the work in the Dominican Republic, however the teams location will be determined on a need by need basis, which may not allow for a visit on a yearly basis. With Batey Aleman now having a medical clinic we will be able to provide any medical support through that facility if needed.

-This program will provide the options for the following medical care

- Basic Optometry with glasses                     - General Medical Care

- Basic & Restorative Dentistry                     - Basic Medicines and Vitamins


Health & learning start with proper nutrition. Partnering with Meals for Kids to provide consistent nutrition requirements and needs for continued growth and development.


Mentorship is key component to this program by helping the individuals of the Batey gain self-respect, value, and worth in them selves. The self-value each individual will gain will then carry over to his or her families, and into the communities.

-Batey Baseball Program

Starting from age six, boys are invited to join the baseball team, which will instill practical skills on and off the field. Requiring them to do well in school, help at home, and have a commitment to the program.

-Girls Program

Starting at age ten girls will be invited into a program that teaches self worth and the respect that God calls to their bodies. It will be a program that grows with them and at each teaching them age appropriate lessons from a woman’s cycle, to sex and reproduction, all the way to basic hygiene for women. The classes will also provide an education and understanding for the nutritional needs of each individual.

Professional Development:

Professional Development will be an opportunity offered to those in the program who have completed continued education, vocation training, and/or are just ready to enter the work place. Resume building, preparation for interviews, as well as attire and transportation to and from interviews will also be provided to those who need the assistance. There would also be opportunities for financial literacy to those who are interested in learning more about how to plan for the future, while maintaining the needs of the present with the money they are earning.


Partnering with New Ground to build homes for the poorest of the poor in Batey Aleman. Giving them a sound structure to help protect against the weather activity in the Dominican Republic. The home would consist of concrete floors, cinderblock walls, flushing toilets, and more. 

-*Sound a Sleep 

As a part of health and hygiene will also offer the opportunity for those who need it, access to a new bed and/or beds depending on their family size. This will also allow for the opportunity to make home repairs and / or improvements on their current home. 

Vocation Training-

Training in specific skill or job will be offered as a new program in the Batey. Providing the individual another resource and opportunity to further his or her education. This program will be provided on a case-by-case basic under scholarship sponsorship. 

*To be noted this will be outside of the PaLanté program already offered for young women.

-Agricultural / Farming

Through local partners in collaboration with partners back in the United States to help in offering agricultural training and development to create and grow a self-sustaining financial sufficiency. This will be offered on a partner development basis after acquiring land to farm.


PaLanté is a sewing program that gives first class training to 12 women living in the impoverished conditions in the Dominican Republic. The women can use this training to see a living wage and find jobs in the free trade zone.

*Programs already offered